G.A.S DiffuseAir

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DiffuseAir efficiently mixes all the air in your grow room. DiffuseAir offers you total control over the climate of your grow room. It eliminates microclimates, high humidity zones and hot spots. Designed and made by Systemair.
DiffuseAir eliminates harsh air streams that can cause wind burn to your plants and salt accumulation in the growing media. Being ceiling hung DiffuseAir gives you more floor space for growing.

Aerodynamically efficient
Proven technology
Ceiling hung for more grow space
Improved environment = improved yields

Using the DiffuseAir:

Setting up a DiffuseAir system is an absolute doddle. It’s as simple as attaching it to a suitably sized RVK. There are four holes near the top of the unit that you can use to screw into your RVKs spigot (screws are supplied). This makes the join nice and secure.
You’re also going to need to hang it. The team at G.A.S. have made this easy for you by including hanging plates. To fit these plates, all you need to do is loosen the screws that sit around the circumference of the RVK and slide a hanging plate over each one. You can then tighten the screws back up and you’ve got something to hang your RVK from.
We recommend hanging your DiffuseAir system with Rope Ratchets. Jack chain is fine, but Rope Ratchets give you extra flexibility for adjusting height levels as your plants grow taller. You can alter them quickly and easily by pushing the buttons in and pulling the strings.