Garden HighPro Propagation Large Tent Kit

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Propagation tent kit includes the following -

1 x Garden Higher Propagation Tent (60x40x200cm)

5 x Sunblaster 45cm T5 Lights 17w

General Information

  • You can root a max of 720 cuttings in 1 unit;
  • The Garden HighPro Grow Tent – L (60cm x 40cm x 200cm) is made for the propagation phase;
  • It's made of strong 420D Nylon and includes steel frames;
  • The tent's interior is covered by reflectivity mylar (97%);
  • The product's dimensions are: front door (55cm x 190cm), window air inlet (30cm x 20cm), round extraction socket (13.5cm in diameter), and electrical cable socket (8cm in diameter).
  • The unit includes plastic viewing windows, outlet sockets, double soft air fabric, and an electrical inlet.
  • The Sunblaster T5 has a high light output & low temperature strip lights which makes it a cost effective lighting product that can be used for small scale propagation, or by linking multiple units together in series you can increase the area of coverage.  Full Spectrum 6400k light is ideally suited for leafy green production and seed starting.

    The SunBlaster T5 produces more light, with less energy input, and less heat output than other lamps thanks to its NanoTech-enhanced reflector. Sunblaster T5 lamps – Bright, cool & super-efficient.