Garden HighPro Propagation Large LED Tent Kit

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Propagation tent kit includes the following -

1 x Garden Higher Propagation Tent (60x40x200cm)

5 x Sunblaster 45cm T5 Lights 24w

General Information

  • You can root a max of 720 cuttings in 1 unit
  • The Garden HighPro Grow Tent – L (60cm x 40cm x 200cm) is made for the propagation phase;
  • It's made of strong 420D Nylon and includes steel frames;
  • The tent's interior is covered by reflectivity mylar (97%);
  • The product's dimensions are: front door (55cm x 190cm), window air inlet (30cm x 20cm), round extraction socket (13.5cm in diameter), and electrical cable socket (8cm in diameter).
  • The unit includes plastic viewing windows, outlet sockets, double soft air fabric, and an electrical inlet.

    The Sunblaster LED is designed to maximize overall performance, economy and extend longevity. While providing the best possible lighting for all indoor growing applications. Sure to be as popular as the now discontinued T5 Lights, These LEDs are also perfect for propagation growth and the growing of micro greens and herbs. Sunblasters Self- Cooling Technology allows their engineers to push SunBlaster LED Strip Lights to maximize their output without creating excess heat, or wasting resources running cooling fans.

    NEW PRISMATIC LENS LED STRIP LIGHTS. These high efficiency LED lights produce up to 20% higher light output by using a more efficient LED array. The light passes through a prism that focusses the light into a 90 degree beam angle rather than the usual 120-degree output. This brings more light energy to the plant canopy and stimulates faster growth.