Garden HighPro Propagation Tent L

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Garden HighPro produces a wide variety of propagator tents, which deliver exceptional conditions for strong seed germination and root growth in cuttings. The products are made of strong 420D Nylon material including frames made of steel. The interior is covered by a reflectivity mylar (97%), which is certified to be plant friendly. The zippers are light and corrosion proof. The product includes double soft air fabric, viewing windows, outlet sockets, and an electrical inlet.


General Information

  • You can root a max of 720 cuttings in 1 unit;
  • The Garden HighPro Grow Tent – L (60cm x 40cm x 200cm) is made for the propagation phase;
  • It's made of strong 420D Nylon and includes steel frames;
  • The tent's interior is covered by reflectivity mylar (97%);
  • The product's dimensions are: front door (55cm x 190cm), window air inlet (30cm x 20cm), round extraction socket (13.5cm in diameter), and electrical cable socket (8cm in diameter).
  • The unit includes plastic viewing windows, outlet sockets, double soft air fabric, and an electrical inlet.



  • The grow tent creates a perfect propagation environment;
  • It gets humid from the cuttings' perspiration;
  • The silver interior optimises the lighting used;
  • It's made of resistant fabric;
  • It includes waterproof zippers;


The Science

The product creates an excellent propagation environment for your crops. The interior of the unit features reflectivity mylar, which improves lighting for strong plant growth. The grow tent's doors are double layered and close to increase the tent reflectivity. Pull back the top layer to check the plants without letting any humidity escape.