Garden HighPro Propagation XL Tent LED Kit

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Propagation tent kit includes the following -

1 x Garden Highpro Propagation Tent (120x40x200cm)

5 x Sunblaster 90cm LED Lights 24w

General Information

  • You can root a max of 720 cuttings in 1 unit;
  • The Garden HighPro Grow Tent – XL (120cm x 40cm x 200cm) is made for the propagation phase;
  • It's made of strong 420D Nylon and includes steel frames;
  • The tent's interior is covered by reflectivity mylar (97%);
  • The product's dimensions are: front door (55cm x 190cm), window air inlet (30cm x 20cm), round extraction socket (13.5cm in diameter), and electrical cable socket (8cm in diameter).
  • The unit includes plastic viewing windows, outlet sockets, double soft air fabric, and an electrical inlet.