GAS Intelligent Humidity Controller

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GAS Intelligent Humidity Controller Product Details:

The GAS Intelligent Humidity Controller allows you to control, analyse and ideal the Vapour Pressure Deficit in your grow room. This means you will be able to ensure your plants are thriving in the perfect humidity and temperature according to growth phase - the key to success in every indoor garden or green house. Getting the grow room environment - will only increase your yields!

Why choose the GAS Intelligent Humidity Controller?

Only bringing benefits to your growing environment the GAS Intelligent Humidity Controller - enables you to grow better - with very little effort, using a sensor which should needs to placed in the middle of the grow room - just above canopy level. Ensuring that you have good air circulation in your grow room so that the probe to obtain accurate readings.

Once the probe is positioned plug your humidifier into the GAS Intelligent Humidity Controller plug socket - turn on humidifier. Using the simple dial control you can select from the LCD menu - 4 control type options to regulate your humidity with ease. :

  • Relative Humidity 24 hours - will provide you ensure your humidity kept to your desired setting around the clock
  • Relative Day & Night - set the controller to your desired humidity levels for day and night, which will be maintained by the controller
  • 24 hour VPD - set the controller to your plants growth stage and the control will calculate and maintain the perfect relative humidity according to plant growth stage
  • VPD Day Relative Humidity Night - as 24 Hour but allows you to predefined a specific static night time humidity level

The benefits of monitoring VPD

Taking away the headache and need of obtaining your grow room air temperature, plant temperature and RH - the GAS Intelligent Humidity Controller - will do all the work for you bringing the below benefits:

  • Bigger yields at harvest
  • Plants transpiration is monitored through all stages of development
  • Problem free growing through all stages
  • Reduces pest and fungal disease170