Gavita Master Controller EL1F GEN2

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Control up to 40 x Gavita lights and EC fans with an ELF1 Gavita Master Controller. They're just like the EL Gavita Master Controllers, only these ones take care of EC and AC fans too.


  • Up to 40 x Gavita lights
  • Controls up to 4 x EC fans (4 per output)
  • Can connect to AC fans (via EFM1 - not included) 


Sunrise & Sunset Mode

Switch to Sunrise & Sunset mode to slowly dim and boost over 30 minutes!


Dim & Boost Lights In 10W Increments

You can adjust the light output of all connected lights in 10W increments (from 50% to 115%)


No Overheating

If your grow room gets too hot, auto dim and eventually emergency shut down will kick in.

You get a warning before, and a notification after this happens.


No High Inrushes

All ballasts stay in standby mode until they get a signal from the controller to switch on.


Event Logging

You check temperature highs and lows, last autodims, last autoshutdown and more. 


Choose Your Display

Output: % or watts - Temperature: Celsius or Fahrenheit - Time: 24hr or AM/PM