Gavita Master Controller EL2F GEN 2

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Control up to 80 x Gavita lights and EC fans with an ELF Gavita Master Controller. They're just like the EL Gavita Master Controllers, only these ones take care of EC and AC fans too.


EL1F: 40 lights, 1 room, 1 EC fan output, 1 temperature sensor

EL2F: 80 lights, 2 rooms, 2 EC fan outputs, 2 temperature sensors, 2 ECMs (connects to heaters, CO2 equipment, etc)

If you opt for EL2F, you can run both rooms on the same, separate or overlapping light cycles.


  • Up to 80 x Gavita lights
  • Controls up to 8 x EC fans (4 per output)
  • Can connect to AC fans (via EFM1 - not included) 


Sunrise & Sunset Mode

Switch to Sunrise & Sunset mode to slowly dim and boost over 30 minutes!


Dim & Boost Lights In 10W Increments

You can adjust the light output of all connected lights in 10W increments (from 50% to 115%)


No Overheating

If your grow room gets too hot, auto dim and eventually emergency shut down will kick in.

You get a warning before, and a notification after this happens.


No High Inrushes

All ballasts stay in standby mode until they get a signal from the controller to switch on.


Event Logging

You check temperature highs and lows, last autodims, last autoshutdown and more. 


Choose Your Display

Output: % or watts - Temperature: Celsius or Fahrenheit - Time: 24hr or AM/PM


External Contactor Modules (EL2F Only)

You can connect 2 extra bits of kit to your controller then choose whether they switch on or off. 


Easy To Use

Everything's plug & play.