Gavita Pro Enhanced 600w Hps 230v

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Achieve The Best Performance Out Of Regular & Digital 230v Ballasts

  • Provides a far more advanced output making it great for flowering/fruiting stage
  • 90,000 lumens output
  • For use with standard and coil ballasts

The Gavita 600w Enhanced HPS lamp helps to make the most out of your 230v ballast. It is specifically for use with digital ballasts and is great for use during your plants flowering stages.


What is the Gavita Enhanced HPS Lamp used for?

The Gavita Enhanced HPS Lamp is for use alongside a digital ballast. This advanced spectrum light offers a 90,000 lumens output, to ensure that you get get the best performance from your digital ballast. Most digital ballasts run at a very high frequency, the Gavita Enhanced lamp uses an arc tube to produce the best light output when running at a high frequency.

Furthermore, its wireframe system has been reinforced to ensure that the system does not bend. Likewise, it produces light in the orange and red part of the spectrum to provide the best flowering and fruiting possible.


Where can you use the Gavita Enhanced HPS Lamp?

The Gavita Enhanced HPS Lamp is for use with 240v digital ballasts. This is because these ballasts run at high-frequency and can cause problems with lower quality lamps. This lamp is suitable alongside any digital ballast including Lumatek and Maxibright. Similarly, you can use it with magnetic ballasts too, however, you will no have the same advantages this lamp produced when used with a digital ballast. It’s a great way to improve your indoor grow room quickly and efficiently.


How to use the Gavita Enhanced HPS Lamp                                      

To use the Gavita Enhanced HPS Lamp simply start by using a clean cloth to hold the lamp. Then screw the lamp into your reflector using the E40 fixture, ensure that you tighten the lamp well as loose fixtures will cause electrical arcing. After that, connect your 600w HPS ballast to your reflector, providing that the wattage of your lamp matches the wattage of your ballast. Finally, make sure that your lamp is completely clean of fingerprints and dirt before switching it on.

However, please be aware that when the light is on it runs particularly hot, therefore it is important that you avoid touching the glass. Instead, allow plenty of time for the lamp to cool down after switching it off.


Product Specifications

  • 600w lamp
  • For use with 600w digital ballast
  • 90,000 lumens30