Green Planet Bud Booster

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Green Planet Bud Booster is a bloom additive designed to give your plants a huge phosphorous and potassium boost to promote flowering.

Green Planet Bud Booster is a flowering booster with a PK rating of 50 – 34 to give your plants a huge PK boost during the critical stages of flower. The phosphorous promotes blooming to increase your yields but it also assists in the metabolic process allowing your plant to absorb and use more of the other nutrients it is being fed.

The potassium in Green Planet Bud Booster improves the taste and fragrance of your flower as well as aiding in starch production. All in all, this is a fantastic bloom additive at a great price; if you're looking for that special something to push your yields into the stratosphere then give Green Planet Bud Booster a try!