Grow Tools Quick Snips

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Say goodbye to aches, pains, strains and soreness! With Grow Tools Quick Snips, you can trim in comfort! These superb scissors feature large, soft handles and sharp, tapered blades – making them perfect for a clean, fine cut.

  • Razor sharp, tapered blades for precise trimming
  • Utilises strong and robust steel that you can trust
  • Soft and spacious handles for maximum comfort
  • Smart design and handy size
  • Easily reaches into awkward areas

Designed For The Job

Don’t rely on any old pair of scissors when tending to your plants. Blunt, thick blades can cause damage and inhibit the growth of new shoots. 

Grow Tools Quick Snips have razor sharp, tapered blades for a clean cut – optimising the pruning and trimming processes.

Great In Any Setup

The long, thin ends of each blade enable the Quick Snips to easily reach into tight spots of your room as well as deep into the canopy. They’ll make for a more thorough trim and ensure even coverage, even in unconventional grow spaces. 

Comfortable And Durable

The Grow Tools Quick Snips utilise a large, wide handle shape known as the “butterfly”. 

They provide plenty of room for your fingers and reduce cramping – ideal for regular trimming sessions. The handles are also coated in soft plastic for a comfortable grip. 

Quality steel blades mean these scissors will last for years without compromising on the perfect trim.

An essential grow room tool, Quick Snips are highly recommended!