Growmax 3000 RO Unit 125L/hr

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Boost yields and make reflectors, lamps and carbon filters last longer with a GrowMax RO filter!

It'll filter out nearly all water impurities!

Doing this will boost nutrient uptake - due to a better nutrient feed concentration and more stable pH. 

You'll protect healthy bacteria and microorganisms in soil, too - harmful chlorine is removed.

Your plants will be bigger and healthier, with better fruits & stronger roots.

If you use a humidifier, an RO filter's a must! Your reflectors, carbon filters and grow lamps will work better and last longer. 

Your filter's simple to set up –and ready to use straight out of the box. Buy yours now – you won’t look back!

• Reverse Osmosis (RO) Filters
• Removes 95% of salts 
• Eliminates 99% of chlorine and reduces sediments to 5 microns
• Stabilizes pH
• Improves nutrient feed concentration
• Protects healthy soil bacteria & microorganisms
• Encourages plant growth, healthier fruits & stronger roots
• Protects reflectors, carbon filters & bulbs from mineral deposits
• Easy to set up - ready to use out of the box
• Connect it to a tap or pipework

Pure Water Production
GROWMAX 3000 RO Unit – produces up to 3000 litres of pure water a day (125 litres an hour)

Do you Need a Booster Pump?

RO filters need a water pressure of at least 40 PSI, but for best results, aim for 60 – 80 PSI.

As tap water pressure varies,  you may need a booster pump – it’ll raise your water pressure by 15 - 50 PSI, depending on your tap water quality. 


We Recommend

1. If you use a humidifier, an RO filter is a must -it'll protect your grow lamps, reflectors and carbon filter.

2. Replace your carbon and sediment filter every 3 months - this'll prolong the life of the RO membrane in your filter