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The Hailea ACO-9620 is a high quality dual output adjustable output air pump for pumping air through an air line and into submerged airstones. Air is taken in on the underside of the unit and an oscillating diaphragm pushes the air through the 6 output nozzles on the front of the unit.

The air-flow can be easily adjusted by a control on the top of the unit. The air-pressure produced is great for the size of the unit and is very steady. The entering air passes through a multi-level muffler to keep noise to a minimum and the special rubber feet on the unit are designed to absorb a considerable amount of the vibration.

Very little noise is produced at all, particularly when set to the minimum setting and power consumption is also very low at only 12 watts.

Air flow: 1.8 to 14 litres per minute

Noise: <45dB

Power Consumption: 12 Watts

Dimensions: 167mm x 120mm x 260mm (WxHxD)