HAILEA HX-4500 2000lph Water Pump

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Hailea water pumps have long been a hiqh quality water pump in all industry’s hydroponics, aquatics, ponds ETC. These water pumps has an airline built in to aid extra oxygen into your water .


  • Inbuilt flow valve to control flow easily
  • Ideal for pumping nutrients in hydroponics and watering applications
  • Mounted on suction cups for secure location
  • These pumps are designed for continuous use
  • Oxygen mixing function

The mixing accessory which comes with the HX-4500 model allows large quantities of air to mixed with the water while the pump is in use, considerably increasing the concentration of Oxygen

The HX-4500 model also comes with oxygen intakes as standard.

  • HX4500 = 19mm supply or flexible pipe