HAILEA V-20 Air Pump

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When more air production is required, the V Series of pumps by Hailea is the place to look.
Hailea V-20 Air Pump

Hailea V Series air pumps are manufactured to an extremely high standard and deliver high volumes of air / bubbles to increase oxygen levels.

A tough metal case protects the internal workings as well as keeping noise levels to a minimum. Rubber feet are also fitted to remove unwanted vibrations.

Ideal for larger hydroponic or aquatic purposes, the V series from Hailea is a dependable pump that require minimal maintenance.

Designed to run several air stones / curtains, they are all supplied with a plastic manifold for easy splitting and fitting.

Ideally suited to DIY DWC systems, allowing you to easily run several buckets / pots.

TopTip: If you intend to run your air pump on a timer it is best to elevate the air pump above the level of solution, as it can syphon the water from the tank or aquarium if it is below the level of solution and the air pump is turned off.

Hailea V Series Pump Ratings:

V20 Air Pump 4 Outlet - 20l/pm - 15 watt