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A great one-part coco nutrient, Hesi Coco is a popular choice and easy-to-use when it comes to working with coco for the first time.

Hesi recently altered their formula for this nutrient and instead of using the same feed for both growth and bloom stages, they now advise using Hesi TNT for grow feed, something we've advised for a long time as it provides the nitrogen growing plants need.

The thing to be aware of is using TNT makes it impossible to get an EC reading as the nitrogen in the TNT is organic and as such does not conduct electricity, making it impossible to use an EC meter. However as Hesi is quite a forgiving nutrient, using it at a dilution is fairly safe.

We recommend starting on a lower concentration initially, so 25ml/10L for clones, then 35ml/10L in the first week and 50ml/10L in the second, depending on the response of your plants.

Once you are using the Hesi Coco feed for flowering plants your EC meter will work normally so using the grow schedule as a guide should present no problems.

As with all Hesi nutrients, using the full range of Hesi additives should improve the health of your plants throughout their lifecycle and if used correctly they should also increase your yield at the end. Further information can be found on the Hesi website.