HotBox Co2 Growth Gas Generator

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Boost CO2 levels in your grow room by introducing one of these excellent gas burners and – as long as all other environmental factors have been optimized – you can expect to see plants perform much better than ever before!

Carbon dioxide is a key fuel for photosynthesis – the amazing process that also combines water and light to give your plants the energy they need to develop. If you add a Growth Gas Generator and strive to provide the right amount of CO2 (much more than resides inside a typical non-treated grow room), this all-important element can produce phenomenal results!

Plants will grow up to 40% faster than the average rate, leading to larger stems, leaves, flowers, etc. and significantly bigger yields. Other tremendous benefits include greater resistance to environmental stresses (e.g. extreme temperatures and pests/diseases), enhanced performance at low light settings and improved root/top ratios.    

Featuring a simple plug and play design, the Growth Gas Generator conveniently comes available in four different sizes to suit all types of grow room (ranging from 20m² to 4000m²). It can safely use propane or natural gas (supplied as being ready to run on propane with conversion kit for natural gas included) and has the ability to push atmospheric CO2 up to 1000ppm – letting you create the perfect growing environment!

NOTE: Growth Gas Generators do not come with the hose or regulator shown in the pictures.

How To Use

 Equipment needed (LPG)

1. Propane canister (red / orange) - available in most petrol stations or garages

2. LPG Generator

3. UK Propane Regulator (Low Pressure) - should come with the canister

  • 1/2 bar regulator (with 4kW Generator)
  • 1 bar regulator (with 8kW or 10kW Generator)

4. CO2 Controller with inbuilt sensor / analyser (e.g. Pro-Leaf & 2-3 Pin Plug Adapter)


CO2 Controller and separate sensor/analyser (e.gEvolution Co2 Controller & Evolution Analyser)

5. Pipe Cutters

6. Leak detection fluid

7. Hose clamp / gas hose clips 

The Tech

Growth Gas Generators
  0.75kW 2.5kW 4kW 11kW
Gas Natural or Propane Natural or Propane Natural or Propane Natural or Propane
CO2 per hour 0.06kg 0.55kg 0.9kg 2.5kg
Size 16cm x 21cm x 35cm 32cm x 20cm x 50cm  32cm x 20cm x 50cm 70cm x 20cm x 90cm
Weight 3kg 5kg 5kg 19kg
1000 ppm per m2 of greenhouse 16.5m2 55m2 90m2 250m2
Suitable for grow room size
2m x 2m x 2.5m 4.5m x 4.5m x 2.5m  6m x 6m x 2.5m 10m x 10m x 2.5m