HotBox Sulphume Vaporiser

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*Sulphur Sold Separately*

The Hotbox Sulphume is the best sulphur vaporizer available for the home hydroponic grower.

The Hotbox sulphume sulphur vaporizer is small unit designed for the home hydroponics grower. This system of vaporizing sulphur is used by commercial crop growers to control pest infestations and to prevent them from happening in the future.

Spider mites and other insects are a common problem for many hydroponic growers the Hotbox sulphur vaporizer solves the problem. We strongly recommend using the Hotbox Sulphume as an effective way to treat pest infestations. Alternatively the sulphur vaporizing unit can be used continuously as a preventive measure to keep insect pests away.

The Hotbox Sulphume sulphur vaporizer is supplied wired ready to use. sulphur can be purchased seperately in 2kg bags.

Each Hotbox Sulphume unit is suitable for treating growing areas between 2 - 100m3. Vaporizes approximately 1 gram of sulphur per hour when in use.

No dangerous chemicals are released rather than burning sulphur the Hotbox sulphume unit vaporizes sulphur so it is 100% safe to use while your plants are in the grow room or green house.

Avoid using the sulphur vaporizer in late flower or final 2-3 weeks of plants development to avoid any residue being left on your final produce.

Size - 13cm diameter - 18cm height
power consumption - 120 watts