Hydrotops - Bactivator

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HydroTops Bactivator is a biological inoculation working with your plants' natural defence systems to increase resistance to pest attack and fungal infection.

Available in 10 doses and 25 doses tubes.

  • Add 1 level spoon of Microbes to 500ml of tepid water and allow to stand for 15 minutes.
  • Add 10ml of Catalyst for each spoon of Microbes in your solution. Allow to stand for 15 mins more for full activation of Microbes.
  • Now Bactivator is ready to add to the nutrient solution in your tank. Mix well. Circulate nutrient solution to your plants as normal. Repeat weekly.
  • Do not use with H2O2 as this will destroy the organic components in bioponic products.
  • One dose treats up to 50 litres. You cannot over-dose.