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During the first weeks of the flowering period your plants nutrient requirements increase significantly. It is critical that these needs are fully met at this stage, as it is at this point where crop potential is predominantly dictated. biOpOnic Flower Feed is designed to supply the correct ratio of nutrients for the transition from vegetative growth to full flower development combined with the essential bio stimulants necessary for maximum nutrient absorption. biOpOnic Flower Feed also supplies the grounding to allow Top Heavy Crop to complete its function of increasing the number of final flowering sites in preparation for a bumper harvest.

To make up a full strength Leaf Feed solution mix 100ml of the concentrate with 900 ml of tepid tap water. Allow to stand for 30 minutes and then spray the plants foliage lightly to the point of runoff. Do not mix with any other products and store both the concentrate and any made up solution away from strong light.

Again it is critically important not to spray your plants in full light as this may scorch the developing foliage. Always spray your plants during darkness. If your plants are photoperiod sensitive use a green light source/bulb to prevent disruption of the day length. Do not mix any other products when applying foliar feeds this will increase the likelihood of damage to your plants.

biOpOnic Flower Feed is available in 1 litre and 5 litre.

Four Day Combined Foliar Feeding Programme:
Day 1 Foliar Leaf Feed solution.
Day 2 pH adjusted water (adjusted to 6.5) plus 10 ml of biOpOnic Root Stimulator.
Day 3 Foliar Leaf Feed solution.
Day 4 pH adjusted water (adjusted to 6.5) plus 10 ml of biOpOnic Root Stimulator.

Repeat during the early flowering period. See feeding program for further information.