Hydrotops - Solo Boost

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This organic formula is made specially for soil and compost growers. Solo Boost (Soil) will add nutritional levels required for vigorous growth and bloom. Solo Boost will increase Phosphorous and Potassium in your media, whilst at the same time making sure your plants are able to assimilate the right balance of nutrients, vitamins, and acids. This will boost flowering and fruit formation.

When using this product during the late vegetative and early flowering stage you will increase the number of flowering sites on your plants. Not only this, it will stimulate the correct nutrient assimilation through its pH balanced formulation. This product also helps harden flower sets to create large flower tops and heavy crops when used at the 4th and 5th week of the bloom stage.

Benefits of using Hydrotops Solo Boost (Soil):

  • Specially designed formula just for soil and compost growers.
  • Organic.
  • Will increase flowering sites.
  • Improves fruit formation. 
  • Use in veg as a all in one growth stimulator.
  • pH balanced. 

How to use Hydrotops Solo Boost (Soil)

Use 1ml per litre from the first week of growth onwards.

To use this product in the flowering period, dilute between 2ml and 5ml per litre (depending on your week of flower). Use this as well as Hydrotops Solo Bloom and finish with a dose of 10ml per litre as a flushing agent.