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HydroTops Triple F is made for Fully Formed Flowers, it is the 100% natural option for super buds. Supplied as a two-part bio-stimulant complex, one part is a blend of micro organisms in dried suspension, and the second part is a liquid catalyst suspension, which acts as an initial food source for the micro organisms and as a complex agent for the symbiotic relationship developed between the micro organisms and the plant root systems.

Using Triple F not only increases final yield it also increases significantly the density of your floral clusters.
Triple F is designed to work in harmony with all HydroTops nutrients products, but especially as additional bio-stimulation to Bactivator. Bactivator is the foundation on which Triple F builds an outstanding harvest.

Directions of use in hydroponic systems:

Step 1:
To each litre of nutrient solution in your reservoir add 0.5ml of Triple catalyst suspension and stir well.

Step 2:
Add one level measuring spoon of microbes ( enough for up to 50 litres of nutrient solution ) to 500ml of tepid ( 20c ) water to re-activate the microbial blend. Allow to stand for at least 15 minutes.

It is advantageous to bubble air through the microbe solution during the reactivation period to enhance the rate of microbial growth prior to addng to your hydroponic system, If the amount of nutrient solution in your reservoir is greater than 50 litres, add an additional level spoon of microbes for each additional 50 litres of nutrient solution or part thereof.

Step 3:
Add the reactivated microbe solution to your reservoir and stir well. Apply Triple F only once week and change reservoir completely at least once during the week of application. ( Your plants will probably use it all quite quickly anyway.)

Directions for use with coco fibre:

For active hydroponic systems using coco fibre follow as above.

For hand watering and passive feeding:
Make up Triple F as indicated in the directions for Hydroponic Systems and add to your nutrient barrel used for feeding the plants containing nutrient solution set at the correct EC to reflect the stage of growth. Make sure that your feeding barrel is well aerated using an air pump and diffuser.

Feed your plants as usual from the nutrient barrel containing your nutrient solution and Triple F. It will be necessary to feed your plants twice as often while using Triple F, as the plants' requirements for both water and nutrient will be doubled during use.

For use with growing in soil:

Growers using potting and bio soils as the growing medium can use Triple F to great advantage. It can be made up in a barrel containing nutrients as in coco systems and given to plants within the grower's usual watering/feeding programme.