Phresh Hyperfan Stealth Silenced V2

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This is the new V2 Version, can be run on any G.A.S Fan controller with the addition of the G.A.S to hyperfan adapter.

Best in its class – delivering the highest CFM’s per watt of any fan in the industry. The Hyperfan develops higher static pressures and higher airflows than any other mixed flow fans in the market.

They are the answer to a unified environmental solution for your garden. Every fan includes a detachable, fully-adjustable speed control. In addition to the highest airflow and highest static pressure, Hyperfan’s have the lowest power consumption, ensuring the best performance and the lowest cost of ownership. The State-of-the-art Digital DC motor is reliable and long lasting. Laminar flow blades and stators for best efficiency of any line of fans.

Phresh Hyper Fans are the most efficient ventilation fans out there, moving more cubic metres of air per watt of electricity than any other fan in the industry, ensuring that your indoor garden runs as efficiently as possible.

‘Soft start’ circuitry resulting in less wear and tear
Lightweight aluminium casing
Superior self lubricating bearings
Multi Phase EC Motor
Independent fan speed controller unit
2 year manufacturer’s warranty

Incredible energy efficiency Phresh Hyper Fans can be used to draw air out of your grow-space via a carbon filter or by just using ducting. The fan can be mounted in the required location using the bracket provided. Many users prefer to use bungees to hang the fan from, which usefully reduce noise and vibration. The fan should be mounted so that the required air-flow direction matches the arrow mark on the casing. On the output side of the fan, slide your 6-inch (150mm) ducting over the outlet sleeve and secure it in place with a Duct Clip. Duct Clips perfect for this job can be found in the Fast Clamps & Duct Clips category of this site. Repeat for the inlet side or a fast-clamp can be used to connect the fan directly on to a 6-inch (150mm) carbon filter.

If a carbon filter is to be fitted it is important that the filter is rated at a similar air-flow as the fan. Phresh Hyper Fans can be plugged in easily and the supplied fan speed controller can be simply attached to the unit. Do not under any circumstances put your fingers into the spinning blades of a fan, especially an in-line type. Even a small fan has enough power to cause severe injury and loss of fingers. Just don’t do it, no matter how tempted you are.

Keep ducting runs as short as possible as every metre of ducting reduces the flow-rate that the fan can achieve. The more ducting attached, the lower the air-flow. Bear in mind that a carbon filter will reduce the air-flow that your fan can achieve by about 25% just on it’s own. When turning a corner with ducting try to create a swept bend rather than a sharp knee as this will reduce air-flow by the least amount and also help to keep wind-noise down.

To further keep wind-noise down to a minimum, stretch flexi-ducting out as much as possible or use acoustic ducting. Please be aware that standard temperature regulating controllers wont work with these digital fans though Phresh are working on a solution to this in the near future, so be sure to use the controller provided.