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Advanced nutrients iguana juice is available in 1 & 5 litres

Advanced Nutrients made Iguana Juice Grow and Bloom all organic from rich extracts of fish, guano, earthworm castings, yucca, krill, alfalfa, volcanic ash and other all-natural ingredients which spur metabolism, budding sites, floral development, and enhanced taste and aroma.

In testing conducted on a variety of hydroponics, aeroponics, soil and outdoor gardens, Iguana Juice Grow and Bloom produced bushier plants, shorter internodes, more flowering sites, larger flowers and better scent and taste.  Furthermore, tests show that Iguana Juice outperforms all other organic formulas.  In some cases, Iguana even outperformed top-rated general hydroponics synthetic fertilizers.

Iguana Juice Grow and Bloom are manufactured using the highest standards and the best types of organic source materials.

Iguana Grow and Bloom are deodorized and perfectly formulated so they work well in all types of gardens.

It figures that putting liquid fertilizer in water instead of powdered fertilizer is a very effective way of getting complete organic nutrition into your plants so they’ll give you accelerated growth and amazing yields.  That’s part of the magic of Iguana Juice Grow and Bloom.

If you want to see a golden return on your garden, use Iguana Juice Grow and Bloom.