Imperium Water Timer

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The Imperium can be used with any timed grow system, it has 28 feed settings that can feed from 1 second up to 15 minutes, at the push of a button.  Finely tuning your feed durations is proven to increase nutrient uptake and oxygen absorption – ultimately resulting in bigger yields.

When using a segmental timer with a timed grow system the minimum feed can only be set to 15 minutes.

When using the Imperium controller a larger number of shorter feeds can be set, for example instead of 15 minutes 2x a day you can feed for 5 minutes 6x a day.

The plants won’t have to wait so long between feeds and will have oxygen refreshed 6x per day instead of 2x per day.  This action of getting more oxygen to the roots will promote healthier plants with bigger harvests.

It has a simple push button control, LED’s illuminate to let you know when you’ve switched from minutes to seconds and vice versa, whilst also indicating when the power is on and the feed pump is engaged.

Imperium can be used alongside any timed grow system with an additional segmental timer.