Intense Nutrients - 60/40

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Intense nutrients have developed the 60/40 base nutrient as a response to the rising popularity of the 60/40, this blend of 60% Clay pebbles and 40% Coco is popular in flood and drain techniques as well as drip-irrigation systems.  Feedback thus far on this blend is limited but based on the feedback on Intense nutrients as a whole we expect this nutrient to be very good.

As with the Intense Coco feed the 60/40 nutrient is supplied as two part formula for use throughout the whole of the plants life (ie. no separate formula for ‘grow’ and ‘bloom’).  Intense nutrients 1l and 5l bottles come with an integrated measure for fast and accurate tank mixing.

Intense have the usual selection of additives and the best results are achieved when all of these these are employed but we always recommend a root stimulant (such as Intense Foundation) early on and a PK boost (such as Intense PK Phite) for heavy flowering periods.

Intense 60/40 is available in 1l, 5l, and 10l sets – this refers to the volume of each part.