IWS Standard Remote Flood & Drain 6/12/28/24/36/48 Pot

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IWS have completely re-designed this popular Hydroponic Flood and Drain growing system. All pots and stands are now circular and are manufactured from a higher grade plastic than previously used. The old systems also utilised basic Punched Pots which some growers found they had drainage issues with during use.

The re-designed range of systems now come with a choice of two inner-pot mesh basket liners for relevant growing medium types, which allows for optimum drainage:

The Aqua pot range is designed for use with Clay Pebbles or Mapito rockwool.
The Culture pot range, for use with soil or Coco growing medium.

This system now comes available with the new FlexiTank. Ideal for where access to the growing area is limited.

IWS manufacture the finest horticultural flood and drain watering systems available. Their aim was to produce a Pro-growers system that would allow a novice gardener to become an expert overnight, and with this system the aim was achieved !

With the system being fully modular, you can decide the layout of your plants depending on the size of plant you wish to grow or the amount of lighting you wish to use. Should you choose to extend your system , extra pots can be added at any time.

The system is a highly developed, hybrid flood and drain system which works by flooding from the bottom of each individual pot (filled with clay pebbles/ Soil/ Coco ). The pots are made up of three parts : a stand with a preset height and a 5 degree slope which allows all the nutrient to drain back to the main tank, stopping the roots from sitting in water : a base pot which has a water tight gland through which the nutrient is delivered and a seperate mesh drain pot, allowing the flood and drain action.

The delivery pipe is connected to the base pots which allows a slow and even flood. When a pre-set saturation in the medium is met, the grow system then switches automatically to drain and works in reverse, sucking out all of the nutrient from the base pot leaving the roots moistened but never oversaturated or left standing in water.


  • Flexi Tank - dependant on your choice of system
  • IWS Flood & Drain Remote Brain Pot (otherwise known as the Controller Bucket)
  • Premium IWS Flood & Drain Minute Timer
  • Outer Pots
  • AQUA/PUNCH/CULTURE 6.5L Inner Pots
  • Copper Discs (to suit your choice of Inner Pot)
  • Pot Stands
  • Kit Bag (containing glands for outer pots, pipe-elbows, pipe-straights)
  • 13mm IWS flexi-pipe