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The EnviroGro by LUMii 120cm (4ft) 4 Lamp TLED Fixture is a versatile light unit with four 18W TLED lamps. The unit can be hung overhead or mounted horizontally or vertically to suit your application. The cool running TLED lamps will not heat your growing environment. Multiple units can be linked and powered from a single outlet socket. Highly energy efficient with a long working life expectancy, the EnviroGro by LUMii 120cm (4ft) 4 Lamp TLED Fixture is an economical choice. There are two power switches, one for the inner pair of lamps and one for the outer pair, so that the unit can be run on half or full power as required.  

Key selling points:  
  • Lightweight and easy to install 
  • Energy-efficient with a long working life 
  • Multiple units can be powered from a single outlet 
  • Two or four lamps, switchable as required 
Technical Specifications:   

Input voltage 

220 V – 240 V / 50-60 Hz 

Input power 

Max 75 W 

Lamp wattage 

18 W 

Colour temperature 


Rated Life 

25,000 hrs 

Lumen Efficacy 

130 lm/w 

IP Rating