Lumii Lenses Growroom Glasses

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Lumii Lenses growroom glasses

Lumii Growroom Lenses are the ideal set of glasses to wear when working under intense HID lighting.

If you regularly tend to your plants in your grow room whilst your lights are on, you will know how powerful and blinding the intense lighting can be, leaving spots glowing before your very eyes. The bright red spectrum of light also makes it more difficult to study your foliage correctly to identify defficiencies that may be occuring, which results in you having to turn off your lights.

Lumii Growroom Lenses solve this problem by blocking the red spectrum of light emitted from your HPS lights, allowing you to see through the glasses in a clear daylight spectrum. The daylight vision makes it so much easier to see what you are doing and best of all when you leave the room there will be no spots glowing in front of your eyes.

Lumii Growroom Lenses are also perfect to wear as eye protection when you are mixing hazardous chemicals into your nutrient solution, saving you from any unfortunate splashes.