Lumii Solar 630w CDM DE Full Fixture

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The LUMii Solar 630w DE CDM utilises a new type of double-ended ceramic discharge metal halide lamp, producing intense full-spectrum light that replicates natural sunlight. It offers HPS-killing yields and delivers superb quality produce, making it a standout lighting fixture for its price bracket. Very highly recommended!

  • Full fixture light - ballast, reflector and a double-ended 630w CDM lamp
  • Generates extremely high levels of PAR (photo synthetically active radiation)
  • Creates a much broader light spectrum than HPS
  • Choose between Gro lamps (for veg) and Pro lamps (for flower)
  • Features integrated short circuit protection
  • Excellent as both standalone unit and supplemental
  • Outputs less heat than standard HPS lighting
  • 190cm IEC 'kettle lead' style power cable