Maxibright Daylight 315w CDM Compact Lighting Kit Euro Reflector

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Kit Includes

  • 1 x MaxiBright Daylight 315W Compact Power Supply.
  • 1 x MaxiBright Daylight 4K High Output CMH Lamp.
  • 1 x MaxiBright Daylight Euro Reflector.

DAYLIGHT 315W Compact Ballast

The DAYLIGHT 315W Compact Power Pack is a fantastic option for the more price conscious grower, whilst still offering the high performance you would expect from DAYLIGHT technology. Powering your DAYLIGHT lamps with a low frequency signal from the precision wound, traditional magnetic ballast the DAYLIGHT 315W Compact Power Pack gives a great performance at a modest price-point.

  • Whisper quiet, silent operation. Peace of mind guaranteed.
  • Precision wound ballast, perfectly manufactured for superior performance.
  • Functional and versatile. Wall-mountable heavy-duty case with carry handle.
  • Low frequency signal, designed to optimally power DAYLIGHT lamps.
  • Cool running.
  • Entry level 315W power pack – perfect introduction to CMH lighting.

DAYLIGHT 315W 3K & 4K CMH Lamps

DAYLIGHT is proud to plant its stake in the ground by introducing the best performing 315W CMH lamps to the hydroponic market, tuned specifically to work with DAYLIGHT Power Packs. Delivering a leading photon efficiency of 2µmol W-1 s-1, the real key to their success being the finely tuned spectrum of light they emit.

Through focusing on enhancing the regions surrounding the blue and red sections of PAR wavelengths, a beautiful full-spectrum of light is created. The intent being to support a strong generative growth and a robust flowering period.

  • Improves plant morphology. Enhances shape and structure for a higher quality yield.
  • Excellent for both standalone and supplemental lighting.
  • Increases production of essential oils, flavenoids and terpenes.
  • Preferential internode structure; Increases number of flowering sites.
  • DAYLIGHT 315W 4K lamp – enhances generative growth structure.
  • DAYLIGHT 315W 3K lamp – encourages exceptional generative production.


Amazing CRI (95%), full spectrum and high output CMH lamp, the chemistry inside has been developed to provide an exceptionally high Colour Rendering Index. While maintaining a full, broad-spectrum, the entire output heavily towards the blue end of the light spectrum. This promotes a vigorous generative period, leading to a vastly improved plant structure in preparation for an explosive flowering cycle.


  • Full spectrum high PAR output (550 µmol s-1), with the highest Colour Rendering Index to be found on the market (95%).
  • 23% increased blue light (400-496nm) and 14% increased red light (620-750nm), when compared to previous market leaders.
  • Energy efficient: high PAR output per Watt. Improved balanced spectrum with enhanced blue region for outstanding generative growth.


This full spectrum, intense output CMH lamp has been specifically developed to provide an enhanced spectrum of light within the red wavelengths. Ideal for promoting a vigorous flowering period, DAYLIGHT CMH lamps offer the highest PAR output (PPF) possible, whilst maintaining the fully-balanced spectrum they are known and loved for.

  • Intense output with an enhanced, full spectrum: 92% CRI. A total PPF of 630 µmol s-1, giving a lamp efficiency of 2.0 µmol W-1 s-1.
  • 10% increased blue light (400-496nm) and 8% increased red light (620-750nm), when compared to previous market leaders.
  • Energy efficient: high PAR output per Watt. Improved balanced spectrum with enhanced red for optimal flowering.

Euro Reflector

Entry Level 315W CMH Reflector, developed from what is possibly the most underrated reflector on the market, the Euro reflector has been tweaked and adapted to perfectly house the DAYLIGHT 315W CMH lamps. An ideal starting point for anyone considering venturing into full spectrum lighting, the Euro is an ideal cost effective introduction to CMH lighting.

  • Ideal introductory reflector for growing with CMH lighting.
  • Open-ended reflector built from highly reflective, dimpled aluminium.
  • Sturdy PGZ lamp holder.
  • Dimensions: 280mm x 350mm x 120mm.
  • Weight: 1kg.