Maxibright Daylight 315w CDM Lighting Kit V3 Reflector

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Full kit contains; ballast, lamp and single reflector. 
Quite possibly the ultimate lighting solution for your indoor garden. The Maxibright 315w CDM Ballast is compact, lightweight and silent running and precisely drives CDM lamps. Ceramic Metal Halide lamps provide an output which is very close to the spectrum of natural sunlight. As a result plants form more lateral branches, have smaller internodal spacing, more flowering sites and larger root systems. CDM lamps ensure healthy abundant yields, excellent PAR output levels per watt and delivers outstanding results at a very affordable price! 

A single 315w CDM easily outperforms a 400w HID and provides a PAR output close to 500w of HID lighting. You can enjoy the benefits of improved yields, lower electricity consumption and superior growth and quality. The single CDM reflector provides the perfect lighting footprint over a 1m2 area.

These lighting kits are a far superior alternative to LED lighting, providing proven results when used on their own or alongside other lighting.

Lamp Options:
Elite Lamp - This Philips MASTERcolour Elite Full Spectrum Lamp can be used for the vegetative stage of growth and is an excellent choice for supplementary lighting alongside HPS lamps. This will increase yields and quality immensely!

Agro Lamp - This Philips Greenpower Agro Lamp has an adjusted spectrum allowing it to be used on its own for flowering plants. We recommend combining Elite and Agro Lamps for multiple light setups for the ultimate balance of yield, growth and quality!

PLEASE NOTE: The 315w CDM lamps need to be bedded in as follows: on first illumination the lamp needs to be run continuously for a minimum of 15 minutes. This will allow the metals within the lamp to fuse correctly. FAILURE TO DO THIS WILL RESULT IN LAMP FAILURE! If the above is not adhered to, lamp warranty claims will be void.

Warning: When CDM HID (High Intensity Discharge) lamps are switched on they run extremely hot. As with all HID lamps it is necessary to avoid touching the lamp with anything such as fingers or plants as this may cause severe burns or fires. In particular, avoid sprays or liquids coming into contact with the lamp as this may cause premature failure or even an explosion.