Maxibright Daylight LED 300W Pro

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Introducing our latest addition to the DAYLIGHT LED range, the DAYLIGHT 300W LED PRO. These fixtures boast a full spectrum of light with a fixture efficiency of 2.5 μmol/J and total output (PPF) of 750 μmol/s

This unit comes with IP65 rating as standard, meaning the environment within your grow room poses less threat to the lifespan of your light.

Also having the ability to control multiple units via iLink cables or the DAYLIGHT Lighting Controller means you can tailor your lighting needs specifically to your plant, including Sunrise & Sunset settings. All this coupled with no fans or moving parts for silent operation, and very low heat output, makes the DAYLIGHT 300W PRO the most practical option for any small-scale grow room.

Daylight 300W LED Pro Features & Specifications:

  • Overall fixture efficiency: 2.5 μmol/J Total output: 750 μmol/s
  • LUMLED white (2.85 μmol/J), LUMLED red (3.6 μmol/J) and Far-Red (2.35 μmol/J) chips: The best of the best.
  • No LED covers: Clear glue diode protection for maximum output and efficiency
  • Full-spectrum: Full-bodied, enhanced red spectrum improves plant growth and flowers.
  • Light distribution optimised for a 1m x 1m area.
  • Remote dimmer included: 25%-50%-75%-100% power.
  • Controllable: via iLink cables and DAYLIGHT Lighting Controller
  • Enhanced flowering with added red light, including Far-Red components
  • Cool running
  • Energy efficient, low heat output
  • No fans or moving parts, silent running
  • Outstanding uniformed light coverage
  • Enhanced light penetration
  • One person assembly
  • 50’000 hour lifespan
  • Plug and play
  • Dimensions: 564.8mm x 564.8mm x 68.4mm
  • Easy to use heavy duty hanging brackets
  • Lightweight slimline design
  • Easy clip on bars