Maxibright Daylight LED 480W PRO

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The Maxibright Daylight 480w LED PRO is the latest and greatest addition to the Daylight family, the most versatile unit due to its ability to be connected together in a ‘dog tooth’ fashion, meaning you can have multiple light units in a small space. Full spectrum comes as standard with the efficacy coming out at mind blowing 2.7umols with a total output of 1296umol/s. achievable by 5 bars of the best quality Osram and LUMLED LED chips. Maxibright Daylight 480W Pro covers a space of 1.2mx1.2m2 but with multiple layout options, we’ve included a image of a possible layout.


  • Efficiency 2.7umol/J
  • Total output 1296umol/s
  • Remote dimmer included 25%-50%-75%-100%
  • Silent running- No fans or moving parts
  • 50,000 life cycle
  • Full spectrum
  • 5 bar system, covering 1.2m x 1.2m


How to Use


It could not be easier to use as it is a one-person assembly, click the bars together and plug in and your ready to play. Once you have got the light hung in your tent or room any humidity that is generated wont effect the light as it now comes with IP65 (waterproof) ingress protection as standard. When using LEDs for the first time make sure you use the dimmer to not stress the plants and increase the amount of light over the next couple of weeks. This unit also works with maxibright controller meaning you can daisy chain multiple light fixtures together while also controlling two separate rooms, sunrise and sunset function and auto dim and auto shut off.740