Maxijet MJ 500 Water Pump

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Maxijet MJ-500 Water Pump - 480l/h 93cm Lift

Nutrient delivery systems are only ever as effective as the pump that’s used to power them. For many years now, Maxijet pumps have been the first port of call, and there are many reasons why. In a nutshell, Maxijet pumps move large quantities of liquid quietly and efficiently, and their reliability is unquestioned. If you’re looking for an effective submersible pump, then there’s really no better all-rounder than a Maxijet. The MJ-500 moves 480 litres of water per hour through a 12.5mm outlet.
Maxijet – tried and tested
Corrosion-resistant plastic casing
Fully submersible
480 litre / hour flow rate
Mountable suction cups to eliminate vibration
Reliable - engineered for continuous use
Very low maintenance
Plastic pre-filter to prevent blockages
2m mains cable equipped with 13amp plug
Runs extremely quiet
12.5mm outlet size

The Maxijet MJ-500 Water Pump - 480l/h 93cm Lift Contains:

1 x Maxijet MJ-500 water pump, 1 x plastic pre-filter, 1 x suction cup mounting frame, 3 x suction cups