Method 7 Agent 939 LEDfx

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If you’re growing with full spectrum LED lights from the likes of Telos, Gavita or Maxibright, these Agent 939 LEDfx Glasses from Method Seven deserve immediate attention! They’ll give you crystal-clear, true colour vision as you tend to your plants under operational LED lights whilst simultaneously protecting your eyes from the extreme brightness and intensity put out by them. Remarkable stuff!

  • Essential for use with full spectrum LED grow lights
  • Feature the ground-breaking FX lens 
  • Protect against UV and infrared
  • Keep eyes cool, comfortable, moist and safe
  • Flexible, durable and lightweight TR90 thermoplastic frame
  • Include bomber hinges and recessed rubber nose pads   
  • Sleek and stylish design
  • Suitable for outdoor applications


The Big Name In Grow Room Glasses

Method Seven carries a fine reputation all over the world for the excellent quality of their eyewear and it’s hardly surprising when you discover the technology underpinning the Agent 939 LEDfx Glasses!

Lens Technology

The FX lens emerged from the desire to provide unparalleled levels of comfort and safety for indoor gardeners and involved the input of Carl Zeiss Laboratories, opthamologists, optical physicists and an electrical engineer! Having been designed to filter through huge amounts of beneficial light and at the same time filter out harmful UV and infrared, this innovative grow gear keeps your eyes cool and moist, enabling you to work more naturally and with less strain. And if you need to venture outside at any point, the lens performs to a very high standard here too – especially on hot, sunny days!

Frame Technology

Constructed from TR90 – a Swiss thermoplastic material – the frame of the Agent 939 LEDfx Glasses is incredibly flexible, durable and lightweight. It includes bomber hinges and recessed rubber nose pads to ensure you experience a strong and well-fitting product, with a sleek finish and modern shaping for a stylish overall appearance.