Mills Nutrients - Vitalize

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Vitalize is one of the best, most exceptional products in the Mills Nutrients range that provides your plants with silicon to aid them in the strengthening and development of growth and flower production. This mono-silicic acid product increases your yield, brix content, and shelf life of final produce, whilst working to eliminate any stress factors that might plague your plants.

Promotion of plant growth and vitality
Increased resistance to disease and insects
Improves the absorption of nutrients through your plants
Improves the size and weight of root structure
Reduced mineral toxicity
Improves the immune system of your crops
Increased nutrient uptake resulting in higher yields
Can be used throughout the entire grow and flower cycle
Easy to use as a foliar fertilizer
Reduces perspiration, and water loss in fruit after harvesting
Can be mixed with other fertilizers
Always add vitalize first and mix thoroughly before adding other products