Moonshine Sunshine Foliar

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Available in 1L RTU or 500ml Concentrate (makes 10L)

Moonshine Foliar Spray is a ready to use foliar spray made from 100% biodegradable ingredients that are completely non toxic and safe.

Plants respond to foliar feeding, when applied correctly. It's a great technique to get more nutrients and trace elements into the plant.

For best results use after lights have gone off and the bulk of the heat has disipated.

Moonshine Foliar Spray enables the entire plant to grow quicker and remain more uniform, unlike other sprays that only achieve localised results.

Plants treated with Moonshine Foliar Spray have a better all around health and are less likely to be bothered by pests or disease.

Moonshine Foliar Spray Directions for use:

Spray Moonshine foliar until run off occurs, every 5 -7 days until fruits or flowers are fully formed.