New Millennium Winter Frost

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Winter frost gives signals to the plant that tell the plant winter is coming – preparing them for Plant senescence. chlorophyll degrades revealing autumnal colours in your fruit, as your plant gets ready for the ending cycle of the seasons, putting the last of its energy into bulking the fruit development to defend against frost and ensure seed pods are protected for next spring.

Winter frost goes someway to allowing the fruit to vine-ripen, since chlorophyll degrades and sugars and aromatic compounds are produced from the nutrition created during the chlorophyll breakdown, making fruit taste better as there’s more sweet and fewer bitter flavours.

New Milleniums Winter Frost can increase our overall quality through a few different ways:

Increase essential oils.

Increase colours in leaves, flowers and fruit sets.

Promote Floral expansion and mass – Larger and denser

Increase in aromatic compounds like terpenes and flavonoids

Higher Brix levels – Chlorophyll is broken down and the elements repurposed

Tech specs:

N:0.02 | P:2.2 | K: 2.3

Available in 940ml & 3.8L bottles

Winter frost is a proprietary mix, it’s not just the above NPK values that have an effect on plants.

How to Use:

Make sure you shake the bottle well prior to use.

Dose at 2 – 3 ml per L following the following, depending on your substrate:

In Soil / Coco

Use one week's worth for 5 - 7 days (watering at least every 3 days)

If watering every day: Use Winter Frost for 5 days, then flush with water for 10 days

If watering every 2 - 3 days: Use Winter Frost for 7 days, then flush with water for 7 days

In Hydro

Use for 2 days before beginning your flush. 

Never exceed the dosage and use conservatively to start - you can always go in stronger the next time around.

If it is possible to drop the ‘daytime’ temperatures by around 5-10 degrees, the genetic expression of plants colours will be even more noticeable!

This specialty fertilizer is intended primarily for non-farm use, such as home gardens.