ONA Block Dispenser

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ONA's reputation for killing smells stone-dead is without parallel, and their wide range of air fresheners has now been extended to include an Air Block Dispenser. Specifically designed to work with the Ona Blocks, this dispenser obliterates unwanted smells, leaving behind a subtle fragrance.

How the ONA-Air Block Dispenser Works

ONA are renowned for producing some of the best odour control products on the market – the odour-neutralising powers of ONA products are known to rank among the best in the industry. The ONA-Air Blocks will comfortably rid surroundings of unwanted smells, leaving behind a pleasant but not overpowering scent – unlike many other products on the market, which only work to heavily mask smells without eliminating the root cause of the problem.

The ONA Air Block Dispenser can be mounted onto a wall to give you automatic odour control – by simply slotting the Air Block into it, and letting it get to work. The Dispenser is incredibly easy to set up and as it is battery-operated it is a more environmentally conscious option than many of the other products on the market.