ONA Cyclone Fan

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ONA Cyclone
The ONA Cyclone is a cost effective high quality ONA Gel Distribution System. This portable fan runs very quietly while effectively destroying odors anywhere it’s needed. Loaded with a 20 liter pail of ONA Gel, it will provide high volume, high capacity odor control in the worst conditions.
Using less power than a light bulb, the ONA Cyclone provides odor control for up to 5,000 square feet. Fan speed is controlled by a variable high tech push button switch so you can adjust your airflow to combat odors efficiently.
Weight: 1.2 kgs (2.7 lbs)
Ship weight: 1.35 kgs (3 lbs)
Capacity of container: 20 liters (5 US Gal) – Pail
Output: 121 cubic feet per minute (cfm)
Power consumption: 12 watts
1 year limited warranty
Limited warranty covers product defects and workmanship. Does not cover physical damage or wear and tear beyond the normal intended use.
Original proof of purchase required
Any required shipping for approved warranty redemption will be at customer’s expense