ONA Gel 20L Pail Lemongrass

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ONA Gel Tub 20 Litre (Lemongrass)

Ona Gel is a market leading odour control solution that is trusted in the growing community. With the build up of moisture and dead plant material in the grow room, let’s face it – it can get a bit funky! That’s where Ona Gel 20L comes in! Consisting of a range of essential oils, the vapour doesn’t mask smells, it destroys them. It reacts with the odour molecules and changes their nature, which stops them being smells.

This huge bucket of Ona Gel is suitable for large areas that require odour control. You can keep the lid off in the room or you can scoop it out and place some in disposable containers around the room. While the vapour will rise and dissipate passively, you can make it more effective with the Ona Cyclone fan. This fits on top of the 20L bucket and actively blows the scent around the room


Absolutely not! It is fine for use anywhere that bad smells are present. It’s great for locker rooms, greenhouses, near wheelie bins or septic tanks, under sinks and more. It may even be strong enough for a teenager’s bedroom! The Ona Gel 20L bucket will last for weeks, depending on ambient temperature and humidity. If using the Cyclone fan with the 20L bucket, it may run down a bit quicker. When the gel level drops by a third or so, it can be “recharged” by adding some Ona liquid to keep it topped up.