Ora 23L Humidifier

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Create the perfect humidity and optimum growing conditions in your grow room or tent using the Ora 23L Humidifier. The large capacity 23 litre tank can supply enough water for around 32 days – and the unit features a fully adjustable multi-directional nozzle.

With a built in constant fill function the unit can be attached to a water source and offers you the ability to fine tune the moisture levels required in your grow room using dial control.

Ora 23L Humidifier features:

  • Fully adjustable multi-directional nozzle
  • Manual or constant fill functionality
  • Precise control of moisture levels
  • Covers rooms up to 12m²
  • 32 day capacity tank
  • Simple Plug-N-Play setup
  • Provides precise environment control over humidity
  • Improvement health, growth and development
  • Increase in the weight and quality of your yields

*Hard water invalidates warranty, RO water must be used in hard water areas*