Ora 35L Air Cooler

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Generating a steady stream of cold air via evaporation the Ora 35L Air Cooler can cover areas up to 30m2. Solid construction and mounted on castor wheels the unit does not need to be permanently installed. Connecting to a water butt easily the Ora Air Cooler can be used running on a constant fill option or can be filled manual. With a 35l water tank the unit offers 3 speed settings and runs quietly at 60 decibels.

The Ora 35L Air Cooler is unlike other conventional air conditioners on the market – and does not require an additional window venting kit. The units are perfect for hydroponic tents or grow rooms to provide a steady stream of cold air to your growing environment.

How the Ora 35L Air Cooler works:

The Ora Air Cooler pulls warm air into the dust filter and then through an enhanced honeycomb filter. The filter is wet with water from the tank and as the water evaporates it is pushed out of the Ora Air Cooler via a fan creating a cool steady stream of cold air.

Ora 35L Air Cooler features:

  • Room Coverage 30m2
  • Constant or Manual fill option
  • 3 Speed settings
  • Air Cooler Power : 150W
  • Large 35 litre tank capacity
  • Easy water butt connection
  • Runs at quietly at 60 decibels
  • Castor mounted for mobility
  • Does not require permanent installation
  • Requires no window venting kit