Oxypot Single Kit

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19L Oxypot - 34 x 34 x 38 (W x L x H)

In Oxypots plants are grown in a highly oxygenated nutrient solution that generates explosive plant growth and very high yields. Each individual oxypot consists of a 20 litre bucket with a 140mm mesh pot in the lid. The plant sits in the mesh pot surrounded by clay pebbles and the roots hang down into the bucket where an air pump and stone infuses the nutrient solution. On the side of the pot is a clear tube that shows the level of nutrients which you should aim to keep 1 to 2 cm's beneath the mesh pot.

Oxypots Usage:

Growing in DWC is pretty straight forward, it's all about keeping your nutrients at the right strength and the right level in the bucket.

Once a week you want to completely empty and refill your oxypot with fresh nutrient solution. Throughout the week as the level of nutrients falls top up your bucket with 1/4 to 1/2 strength nutrient solution to maintain the level and adjust your pH as necessary.

Avoid letting the level of your oxypot fall too low as the less water in the bucket the more toxic the nutrients become. Also keep an eye on your plant health as nutrient strength can fluctuate quite dramatically especially in flower. If the tips of your leaves are going white or yellow this is tip burn caused by over nutrification so lower your nutrient strength or dilute it with more water.