Oxypot XL+ System (6.5L Basket)

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The Oxypot XL+ DWC is a great system that can deliver massive yields from a massive plant! It also runs without a timer too, meaning less moving parts to go wrong. The plant sits in clay pebbles which itself sits over the water tank. An airstone in the bottom of the reservoir constantly pumps air into the water, which vastly boosts oxygen content. The roots grow through the net pot and into the water where they bathe in the nutrient and oxygen rich water. Plants in an Oxypot Single System have the potential to deliver massive yields because there are no obstacles in the way. Plants take what they need, when they need it. It is impossible to over-water in an Oxypot and all you need to do to stop under-watering is to keep topping it up.


Each plant needs 6.5 litres of clay pebbles. This makes the system very economical as one bag of pebbles covers many plants! The system is the same size as the XL, which is for 2 plant. Instead of 2 either size, the XL+ uses on big net pot in the middle. All the extra space underneath means plants can grow huge!

Young plants in jiffy pellets, rockwool starter cubes or Root Riot can go into the Oxypot DWC System. For best results, ensure they have a good root system already in place before transplanting. Many growers find that the plant uses more water than nutrient so please be sure to balance the tank when topping up. You don’t want to have the EC too high, especially at the beginning.

At Straight Up Hydroponics, we have a range of nutrients that are suitable for use with the Oxypot DWC system. As there is virtually no media, you will need hydroponic base nutrients. To see what we have available, please click on this link. If you need spare parts for any Oxypot system, we can order them in for you. Just give us a ring or see us in store.


System Dimensions – L82cm x W53cm x H37cm
Tank Volume – 70L
Number of Plants – 1