Philips GreenPower 1000w 400v EL DE Lamp

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1000w Philips Green Power DE 400V Product Details:

1000w Philips Green Power DE 400V Sodium Bulbs are extremely high quality sodium bulbs that produce better growth rates and results from superior light output, spectrum and build quality. Green Power grow bulbs are just about the finest sodium lamps available on the market today.

Philips have long been regarded as one of (if not the) finest manufacturer of sodium grow bulbs in the market but all of their fantastic bulbs to date are not designed for growing plants it just so happens that they are very good for just that. The Green Power range is the first lamps that Philips has made dedicated to growing plants with, the green power features a specific spectrum designed to optimize plant growth and will squeeze as many lumens as is possible from the bulb.

1000w Philips 400v Lamps are for use only with the Gavita Pro-Line 1000w, Dimlux Expert 1000w, E-Papillon 400V 1000w lighting systems or similar style lighting technologies.