Plant Magic Plus - Evolution

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Evolution will significantly speed up vegetative stages and gears the plant ready for forming bountiful fruits and flowers, this is due predominantly to the sheer amount of new growth that forms and the number of healthy new shoots.

Benefits of Evolution:

Evolution has an abundance of benefits for your plants; improved photosynthesis leading to rapid vertical growth, healthier plants, more fruit sets (leading to better yields) and an improved root structure is just a fraction that can be achieved using this unique formula.

Vigorous Vertical Growth
New Healthy Shoots
Larger Plants, Larger Yields
Evolution is a complex containing a vast range of bio stimulants, natural plant hormones, Polysaccharide sugars, a wealth of vitamins, trace elements, amino acids and of course humic and fulvic acids.

Evolution can be used in ANY method of growing.

NB: Evolution is ready to use. No dilution required.