Plant Success - Myco Chum

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Myco Chum provides an array of ingredients that microorganisms love to feed on. With optimal nourishment, beneficial bacteria and fungi can multiply to much greater numbers, making their effects on plants more pronounced. You can expect to see improved nutrient uptake rates, faster growth and an overall improvement in plant health.

And it's not just the microorganisms that benefit from Myco Chum. The ingredients also have powerful, direct effects on your plants. Kelp is particularly useful during the vegetative growth phase, as it contains natural growth hormones that encourage rapid development, as well as a complex array of micronutrients. Fish hydrolysate provides a source of nitrogen and amino acids. Humate is known to improve soil quality (but has beneficial effects in any media). It dramatically increases nutrient uptake rates, which gets the very best out of the other nutrients in your regime. Molasses really kick things up a gear during flower, allowing your plants to really pile on weight as they reach the later stages. It's an ingredient that's found in many of the industry's top flowering boosters.

NPK: 1-0-3