Pyrethrum 5EC - 250ml

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Pyrethrum 5EC is a natural contact insecticide that can be used on a variety of crops and plants. It is used to control a variety of insect pests including aphids (blackfly and greenfly), beetles, caterpillars, red spider mite, white fly and more. It can be used all year round and is safe to use on all edible and non edible plants (used up to 24 hours before harvest).

Pyrethrum 5EC is approved for to protect crops including: aubergine, squash, cucumber, courgette, pepper, chilli and tomato. It can also be used to protect soft fruit crops and ornamentals.

Key Information & Benefits

  • 100% natural active ingredients.
  • Contains 5% Natural Pyrethrins.
  • Can be used with a wide range of water volumes 275-1500 l/ha.
  • Leaves no toxic residuals.
  • Spray up to 24 hours before harvest.
  • Can be used in organic and non-organic farming systems.
  • Approved for tractor mounted boom spraying.
  • Approved by all the major retail growers and listed in the UK Pesticide Guide (The Green Book).