Ram Wall Humidifier

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The RAM Wall Mounted Humidifier is designed to be directly connected to a water supply and is controlled via a built-in hygrostat which is fully adjustable from 20%-100%. Safety protection includes an overflow pipe to prevent flooding if inlet valve is damaged and shut down feature if no water is detected. High output of 1600ml per hour.

Directly plumb the RAM Wall Mounted Humidifier to mains water:

Water used in the KR300 wall Mounted Humidifier should be de-mineralised to avoid the issue of leaving residue over your plants and equipment. If your water supply contains high levels of minerals use a reverse osmosis water filter.

What size room is the RAM Wall Mounted Humidifier suitable for:

The RAM Wall Mounted Humidifier is suitable for larger grow spaces, in a sealed grow room this humidifier would be capable of controlling the humidity in a space up to 300m3. Ventilated environments need considerably more water in the air to gain control and this will vary on ambient air conditions. As a general rule for ventilated rooms you will need to introduce 0.25-0.6ml of water into the air per hour per watt. 600w light = 150-360ml per hour needed.

RAM Wall Mounted Humidifier perfect for increasing and controlling humidity in the grow room:

  • Ultrasonic atomization technology
  • Connects directly to a water supply
  • Built-in hygrostat adjustable 20%-100%
  • High output 1600ml per hour
  • Ultra fine mist particles
  • Antibacterial silver ion technology to maintain a hygienic mist
  • Low power consumption only 120w
  • Wall mountable and easy to install